Video Lecture

Managing Drug-Resistant Epilepsy with The Ketogenic Diet: A Patient Perspective

Metabolic Health Summit 2022 Video Lecture by Brain Tumor and Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Patient, Miles Sullivan

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Miles Sullivan

When Miles was 20 years old, he started having dizzy spells that became increasingly frequent. After visiting ear and eye specialists without success, he finally got an MRI and received a devastating diagnosis—a tumor near his brainstem that was causing focal seizures. He underwent an 11 and a half hour brain surgery to resect the tumor, but after recovering, his seizures continued to worsen. He underwent another surgery—this time a partial temporal lobectomy to remove damaged tissue in the area—but afterwards he continued to experience neurological problems and seizure activity. Looking for options, Miles learned about the ketogenic diet from fellow brain tumor survivor, Josh Perry. Since adapting a ketogenic lifestyle, Miles is now over 2 years seizure free, and he is dedicated to helping others struggling with similar issues to discover ketogenic therapy as an option.
Patrick Jones - Course author