Video Lecture

Navigating an Impossible Journey: Targeting a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma with Surgery, Chemotherapy, and a Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet

Metabolic Health Summit 2020 Video Lecture by Brain Tumor Parent & Patient Advocate, Adrianna Stephenson

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Adrianna Stephenson

Adrianna Stephenson is a brain tumor parent, ketogenic diet advocate, and real food crusader. In 2016, her world was turned upside down when her 19 month old son was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. While embarking on the standard-of-care treatment plan of surgery and chemotherapy, Adrianna used her academic research background to track down any and all adjunctive therapies, interventions, and clinical studies to support her son. Shortly after starting chemotherapy, her research led her to the metabolic theory of cancer and she put her son on a therapeutic ketogenic diet. Not only did he thrive on a ketogenic diet during treatment, but his tumor shrank and he is currently considered to have no evidence of disease (NED). This life changing journey has ignited a passion for helping other families navigate metabolic therapies for their children and to educate on the efficacy of the ketogenic diet. She hopes to empower others by sharing evidence-based research alongside practical tips for every day keto living.  
Patrick Jones - Course author