Interview with Josh Perry

This exclusive interview was filmed on-site at Metabolic Health Summit 2019.
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Josh Perry

Josh Perry was born and raised in Cape Cod, MA. His father bought him his first BMX bike when he was just a kid and it almost immediately consumed his life. Josh worked tirelessly at perfecting his craft while his mother drove him all over the country for camps, sessions and competitions.

At 17 years old Josh was given an opportunity to train with the best of the best, and though it was thousands of miles from home and he had not yet graduated high school, he didn't think twice and moved to Greenville, NC. Josh moved up to the professional level of competition quickly and was riding Dew Tours, X-Games and competing internationally at the highest possible level. ​Josh felt as if everything he had been working for his entire life, and everything he had dreamed about was playing out in front of his eyes. He was only 21 years old and felt like he had everything.

But, after a nasty crash, his life was threatened. Josh had hit his head and went to a local urgent care to make sure something more serious wasn't happening. He had no damage from the crash, but there was a brain tumor taking up the left half of his brain. Immediate surgical removal was necessary. Josh came out okay and defied all odds by getting back on his bike only five weeks later. That was in 2010.

Now, almost a decade later Josh's life has shifted in some wonderful and very unexpected ways. After two more brain tumor diagnoses, he began researching health and nutrition. He was determined to prioritize his health and take the longevity of his life and the vitality of his brain into his own hands. As he progressed, he became passionate about helping others optimize their health and performance in all areas of life including career, relationships, and physical health. As the passion to support others grew, and after a third brain tumor diagnosis, Josh got really clear on his higher purpose in life and left BMX competition to start his business speaking around the world and coaching entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, and organizations.

Josh became certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach, became certified through as a Keto Specialist, has become well versed in Neuro Linguistic Programming, read countless research articles, stacks of books and communicated with every expert he could.

Josh has devoted his life to sharing his belief that we are all capable of changing aspects of ourselves and our lives, despite any circumstance we find ourselves in, to live the most ideal life we envision for ourselves and helping people build and implement strategies to do so.
Patrick Jones - Course author