MHI Interview with Victoria Field

This exclusive interview was filmed on-site at Metabolic Health Summit 2019.
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Victoria Field

Originally from the U.K. and California-raised, Victoria Adelus Field’s professional life is just as eclectic as her roots. The first ten years of her career included covering the news as an NBC affiliate TV reporter and anchor, competing as a professional athlete, and co-creating several fitness and nutrition businesses with her husband, Josh. Victoria’s passion for health later led to her involvement in cancer research involving ketogenic metabolic therapy, and co-founding the organization, Metabolic Health Initiative, alongside Dr. Angela Poff. Metabolic Health Initiative provides cutting edge evidence-based education to scientists, healthcare professionals, and the general public through digital content and live events including the annual international scientific conference, Metabolic Health Summit (MHS). MHS brings together world-renowned clinicians, academics, and thought leaders who are researching metabolic health, ketogenic therapy, and the powerful potential of our daily choices. The conference has a mission of revolutionizing science and medicine by providing a platform that focuses on the importance of nutrition and metabolism in treating disease, extending life, and improving human performance.
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