Video Lecture

Ketones and Brain Energy Rescue During Aging: Implication for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Metabolic Health Summit 2019 Video Lecture by Ketone Metabolism Expert & Researcher, Stephen Cunnane, PhD

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Stephen Cunnane, PhD

Stephen Cunnane is a professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Sherbrooke, and researcher at the Research Center on Aging. His team is assessing the links between deteriorating brain energy metabolism and risk of cognitive decline during aging. They were the first to show that ketones can at least partially correct the brain energy deficit in older people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This observation led to the concept of ‘brain energy rescue’ by ketones to treat neurodegenerative disorders. In the recent 6-month BENEFIC trial in MCI, his ketogenic medium chain triglyceride drink improved outcomes in all five cognitive domains. It was commercialized as BrainXpert by Nestlé in 2020 and is the first treatment available for MCI. Dr. Cunnane has published over 350 research papers and five books, two of which highlight the key role of ketones in brain expansion during human evolution. He was elected to the French National Academy of Medicine in 2009. In 2016, he was inducted as a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL). He received the Chevreul Medal from the French Society for the Study of Lipids in 2017 for his research on fats, nutrition and health.
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