Explore Metabolic Psychiatry: Ketogenic Therapy for Mental Illness with Dr. Georgia Ede

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Explore Metabolic Psychiatry: Ketogenic Therapy for Mental Illness with Dr. Georgia Ede

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Dr. Georgia Ede

Smith College
About Dr. Ede
Dr. Georgia Ede is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who specializes in nutrition science and brain metabolism. Her twenty-five years of clinical experience includes twelve years as a college psychiatrist and nutrition consultant at Smith College and Harvard University Health Services, where she was the first to offer students nutrition-based approaches as an alternative to psychiatric medications. Dr. Ede speaks internationally about using dietary approaches to treat psychiatric disorders. She co-authored the first inpatient study on using the ketogenic diet to treat treatment-resistant mental illnesses and developed the first medically accredited course on ketogenic diets for mental health practitioners. Dr. Ede was honored to be named a recipient of the Baszucki Brain Research Fund's first annual Metabolic Mind Award. Her new book Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind was published in January 2024.

Here's Just Some of The Questions We Covered:

Carnivore vs. Ketogenic

Why do you think some people with mental illness respond better to carnivore than a classic ketogenic diet?

Exogenous Ketones

What are your thoughts on supplementing with exogenous ketones for mental health, specifically in a strict carnivore diet who's never in ketosis?

MTHFR Genetic Testing

Do you recommend genetic testing to help finesse your dietary recommendations for patients? (Specifically MTHFR gene)

Stopping Carnivore

Could you share a bit about why you stopped doing the carnivore diet after 8-9 months when you felt better than ever before?

Excessive Stimulants

Does Dr. Ede think that excessive use of stimulants like caffeine or Adderall is a factor in the current mental health crisis?

Glucose Metabolism

If there is an abundance of insulin in the blood, it cannot enter the brain and facilitate glucose uptake. Can you please clarify the pathology of insulin resistance in the brain relating to glucose metabolism?
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